When Collaborative Practice Collides With The Hardball Negotiator

The heart of Collaborative Practice includes transparency, integrity, and principled cooperation to address concerns. While usually successful, on occasion the process disintegrates, negotiations becoming positional, and people resort to “win-lose” and hardball negotiation tactics.

What do you do when you find you’re negotiating with someone who is seeking advantage only for themselves or their client? This interactive and experiential workshop is about keeping negotiations on track, so your clients can get better and more satisfying outcomes.

We will explore: what the research shows about different negotiation styles; the goals and impact of hardball and positional negotiation tactics; tools to help you identify and intervene with common hardball tactics; and a framework to help you make choices to be more effective in negotiation.

This workshop will help all members of the professional team respond more effectively in difficult negotiations.

Register at: https://www.hardballworkshop.com/vaughan-registration
This same workshop is available on April 2 in Vaughan. For more information click here: https://www.hardballworkshop.com/vaughan-registration


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