I am a Collaborative Family Lawyer and Mediator. I work with amicably separating couples as well as those considering marriage or cohabitation. At the heart of my work is my belief that my clients deserve compassionate legal advice and a dignified legal process. I always strive to offer customized, practical solutions for clients undergoing separation and divorce in order to arrive at an out-of-court settlement.

For clients negotiating the terms of a committed relationship, I provide expert advice on creating a durable Cohabitation Agreement or a Marriage Contract.

I also help all my clients get their affairs in order by drafting their Wills and Powers of Attorney as they transition to a new phase of life.

In my professional circles, I currently serve as the Vice-Chair of the Collaborative Divorce Toronto (CDT) Board of Directors and the Chair of CDT’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I am also a member of the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Prior to law school, I earned a Master of Arts degree in art history then worked with art professionals, thereby accumulating considerable experience implementing creative solutions that result in highly effective outcomes for my clients. I speak French and Korean as well as read and understand Spanish and Italian. I believe that my experience with creative professionals and my proficiency in languages have given me a unique insight and competency in culture, communication and negotiation.

On weekends, I like to play tennis and golf in the summer; ski in the winter; and salsa dance all year-round. I grew up in Toronto and raised two great kids in the GTA. One is now an LGBTQ advocate / writer on Saturday Night Live in New York and the other an aspiring filmmaker / coder, based in Toronto (evidently neither in law!).

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